Laura Siegemund defeats Emma Navarro 7-5, 6-4 in the First Round

L. Siegemund defeats E. Navarro 7-5, 6-4 – First Round

Q. How would you describe the match?

EMMA NAVARRO: I’m obviously disappointed that I lost, but I’m super happy with how I played, and it was definitely a good intro to the pro tour and a good pro debut, and I’m really happy with how things went and I’m excited for the future.

Q. Emma, what was the sort of atmosphere like for you out there when you walked on court, and also for you what were your nerves like, and how did you try to sort of quell those nerves as the match started?

EMMA NAVARRO: The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone, a bunch of my school friends came out, tennis friends, and everyone was so supportive. And it was better than I could have ever imagined out there. It was awesome. And that kind of helped me to calm my nerves. It was obviously nerve wracking walking out there into the biggest stadium I’ve ever played in. But the support really helped, and I was able to relax and just play my game.

Q. What was your kind of thought processor reaction when you saw you drew Laura Siegemund in the first round and what were you happy with in terms of how you were able to execute today? She’s a tough player on this surface?

EMMA NAVARRO: Yeah, she was tough. I didn’t really know her at all before I played her. So I didn’t really have a reaction to finding out I was playing her. But yeah, she played really well, and congratulations to her on getting through. But yeah, I’m happy with how I played.

Q. Obviously it was really cold. You had kind of a skimpy blouse on.

EMMA NAVARRO: Yeah, no, I was warm.

Q. You had a great success. Congratulations on the Easter Bowl.

EMMA NAVARRO: Thank you.

Q. How did your body feel coming into this week after all the tennis that you played in California?

EMMA NAVARRO: I felt good. I kind of took care of myself well out there. I only — I had three matches that were not that long, which helped a lot. And, you know, I’d stretch every day and ice baths, so I knew I was going to have two or three days coming out of that tournament into the next tournament. So I made sure I was able to keep in good form and ready for today. And I thought I was.

Q. Did you know in advance that she was a drop shot machine?

EMMA NAVARRO: A little bit. Not that much. But, yeah, I was ready for it, and she definitely caught me a couple of times. But, yeah, it was good.

Q. I know it was a quick turnaround for you with Easter Bowl and everything, but first WTA main draw, first time you’re in the locker room. It’s quite the draw here. What was the experience kind of like in terms of seeing all these people you’ve probably watched play on TV?

EMMA NAVARRO: Yeah, it was very cool just like walking in the bathrooms and seeing people I’ve seen on TV and in the clubhouse and stuff. It was very cool. And coming off of a junior event, it was definitely a different atmosphere. The professional, it’s definitely different. But it was good to kind of see how that works, and, yeah, I’m excited for the future, because now I’ve seen it behind the scenes kind of.

Q. Did you have any like wow moments specifically in the locker room where, I don’t know, walking past somebody or —

EMMA NAVARRO: Not really. But not one in particular. But, yeah, it was — seeing those players, it was cool.

Q. Emma, sort of going off of every time Shelby plays and wins here, they’ll always use that picture of her as a ball girl from 2001 or something like that. Do you have memories of coming here as a kid or what do you remember?

EMMA NAVARRO: Yeah. We’ve come pretty much every year to watch. I remember since I was really young watching, and I kind of pictured myself in that spot. But it was hard to imagine until tonight. And it was really cool to be on the court instead of in the stands.

Q. What’s that little girl think of Emma tonight walking on the court?

EMMA NAVARRO: Surprised, definitely a little rattled. As a young kid, it’s definitely hard to imagine that, but I did, and now I’m here. So it’s exciting.

Q. You played really well. But what do you have to do to get to the next step before you go to Duke?

EMMA NAVARRO: Practice. Lots of practice. Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of tournaments coming up, and I’m going to practice hard in between. And there’s certain things I can work on and get better at.

Q. You still waiting till next year to go to Duke; right?

EMMA NAVARRO: Yes. I’m a junior.

Q. You’re committed to Duke; is that right?


Q. So how did you kind of come up with that decision and what other schools were chasing after you as well?

EMMA NAVARRO: I committed pretty early, summer after freshman year. So it was kind of I knew that’s the school I wanted to go to. And I looked at — I didn’t look at that many other schools, but I looked at Stanford and a few other ones, but I was definitely drawn to Duke. They have a great campus, a great group of students, good teams, obviously, top notch. And the coaches are awesome. So I’m excited for that.

Laura Siegemund